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Matsu Sushi, a Japanese restaurant located at Westport, CT is a big, open restaurant with a décor as inspired as the cuisine it serves. Before being a restaurant, the space that houses Matsu used to be a theatre. The restaurant takes advantage of the high ceilings with a floor to ceiling indoor waterfall at the far end of the dining room as well as a beautiful, enormous copper oven with a stack that also reaches the ceiling, The lofted balcony that overlooks the restaurant is now a private dining area, well-suited for private party, corporate lunches and functions.
             Since opening in March of 2002, Matsu Sushi's way of doing business - "Fressness You Trust"  has distinguished itself with its customers-a sophisticated group of sushi-lovers that have a knowledge of their cuisine and demand the best. A good example of how Matsu meets this demand would be the O-Toro, a premium Fatty Tuna carried only by the finest Japanese restaurants in the world. The difference is incredible, as any sushi aficionado knows. O-Toro is like velvet that literally melts in your mouth. The Commitment to quality does not stop here. The highest quality fish is used for all preparations.The restaurant is also known and loved for its creative presentations and ever-changing selection of Rolls. A great way to experience Matsu’s offerings is to share an a la Carte tasting. 

Readers' Pick    
"Best Japanese"

WHY Matsu Sushi ?

Ask those who know …………………..

Westport Magazine
“The Best Sushi in Town & fish are fresh”

Sean Stewart, Westport CT
“This is the finest restaurant in Westport --- freshest fish, best preparation, tastiest nori and loyalist staff!”

Garrett Adedge, Westport CT
“Great sushi and service, decent enough atmosphere”

Elly Rundie Bockley, Wilton CT
“This is the best sushi in the area!!!”

Joey Lin, CT
“I love it here”

Cheryl Schustack Smith, CT

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